Energy Accounting

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Energy Accounting
Energy Accounting

Energy Accounting is the hypothetical system of distribution, proposed by Technocracy Incorporated in the Technocracy Study Course, which would record the energy used to produce and distribute goods and services consumed by citizens in a Technate.
Scientists have written and speculated on different aspects of energy accounting. Many variations of energy accounting are in use now, as this issue relates to current (price system) economics directly, as well as projected models in possible Non-market economics systems.
This method records the energy used to produce and distribute goods and services consumed by citizens in a Technate.
Energy certificates unlike money, are used in a Technate for accounting purposes only. Unlike money or currencies, units of energy can not be saved or earned, and will be distributed evenly among a populace. The number of units given to each citizen would be calculated by determining the total productive capacity of the technate and dividing it equally, after basic costs of running the infrastructure are considered.
In energy accounting the Technate would use information of natural resources, industrial capacity and citizen's consuming habits to determine how much of any good or service is being consumed by the populace, so that it would balance production with consumption. The use of 'Energy Credits' is not described in the design of the Technate. The energy certificate is an energy accounting system only. There is no such use of it as a Credit. If one has credit, then Q must follow P and thus one must also have Debit. The energy certificate does not replace Money. It has No Value at all. It can not be saved, hoarded, or traded. Its only use in the technate is as an energy accounting system, and production and distribution accounting of all goods and service produced. The mere attachment to the Energy Certificate to credit, debt, or money i.e. medium of exchange is totally erroneous and false. Period! This Technocratic system is referred to as Energy Accounting. Technocrats point out that energy accounting is not rationing, it is a way to distribute an abundance and track demand. Everyone would receive an equal amount of energy certificates which would exceed the ability of the consumer to use, and be in a sustainable context to the resource base. Anything short of that is a Price System.
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